Extremely Caring & Quick On Your Feet

"Hi ladies, this is Amanda. I just wanted to thank you both so far for all the help you have given the two of us. We have enjoyed our time with the two of you. You are both extremely caring and quick on your feet. We appreciate your time so much! Thanks again."

- Amanda & her Mom

Great Realtor

"We sure appreciate the contribution to our home! We tell people what a great Realtor you are! Just stating the facts. Thanks again."

- Bruce & Tracy

Happy to Refer!

"You sure know how to brighten up a day! We are always happy to give your name to friends. It was sweet of you to help them!

P. S. we really enjoy your RE/MAX newsletter!"

- Dave & Cindi

Hardwork & Friendship

"Thanks for all of your hard work these past months, and for your friendship."

- Nancy & Todd

I can see why your business is such a success

"We want to thank-you for your patience and wonderful friendship. I know working with me is...well, let's say something special is needed.

I can see why your business is such a success. We wish you all the best. Thanks a million for all that you've done for us. As I've told you before, we really appreciate you.

Well be in touch. You haven't gotten rid of me! Thanks again."

- Ellen & Scott

I Will Definitely Call You Again!

"Thank you very much for the E-mail. It really meant a lot. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family...and I must say everything you have done for us has been awesome, and when the time comes to go through this whole process again...I will definitely be calling upon you again!"

- Sean, Janine, & Christine

It Is a Pleasure to Work With You

"It is a pleasure to have had the opportunity to work together with you. As a company that takes great pride in professionalism, we appreciate your efforts and help in making a successful sale."

- David Reault, Broker - Century 21 Row

Karen is the best Real Estate Agent in Buisiness

"We are extremely impressed with the effort Karen Reeber exhibited during the sale of our Canton house. I can honestly say I never had the pleasure of working with a more dedicated real estate agent during my 5 house purchases and 4 house sales.

I cannot begin to relate to you the extreme pressure she was under by all parties concerned, and how well she reacted under 'fire'. She always maintained a professional demeanor, acted appropriately in all situations, and very often had to bear the brunt of a minor storm that otherwise we would have had to deal with. Through it all, my wife and I had confidence in Karen as it was apparent that she was looking out for our best interest.

It is my opinion that Karen is the best Real Estate Agent in the business, and second place is way behind."

- Mr. & Mrs. Wright

Kind and Generous

"We think you are kind and generous - with your time and your expertise.

You are much appreciated for the great attitude - makes selling and buying easier when it might otherwise be very stressful.

Thanks again!"

- Teadi & Lee


"Thanks Karen. I moved in one piece...Again, thanks for all your help. Your efforts made this an easier and productive event"

- D. Mills

My Ray of Hope

"Heather and Karen, thank you for assisting me on the purchase of my home. It is so nice to be here. You two were my only ray of hope through this whole ordeal. Thank you so much."

- Shelley

Royal Treatment

"Thanks for the royal treatment. We just wanted to say thanks for everything you did for us. You made buying a house super easy. We can't wait to move in. You'll have to come by and see us! Thanks again."

- Sarah & Steve

Super Fast Sale in Slow Economy!

"In a slow economy, Karen and Heather sold my house in 10 days!!!!! They provided individualized services, advised on staging and kept me current with sales and market trends. Their marketing was absolutely first rate with great pictures and maximum exposure. Their price point was right on the mark!!!! With there aggressive marketing and pricing strategies we had multiple offers. I would definitely recommend to anyone that wants to sell their house fast, at a great price and with great personalized service."

- Nick & Kim K.

Team Reeber Made the Process Easy & Hassle Free

"I would like to let you know how much we love our condo and that we are so so happy here. We love Farmington Hills, our neighborhood and our little house! My drive to work is so short, the first time I made the drive to work I could not believe how quick and easy the commute was. It is all thanks to you and all of your hard work. We cannot thank you enough. So the following is a statement that I hope you use on your website as a testimony.

I highly recommend working with Team Reeber especially for first time homebuyers! Team Reeber made the process so easy and hassle free. They are very easy to work with and they go above and beyond the call of duty. They really know their stuff and made some great recommendations for mortgage brokers. We will definitely be working with them again. We are so happy and we cannot thank them enough for all of their hard work!

Please give us a call any time and we will definitely keep in touch!

Best of Luck!

- Miriam & Viet

Thank You

"Thank you for all your help finding our house. We appreciate all the help you gave us."

- Mr. and Mrs. Robbins

Thank you for all your hard work

"Don and I can't thank you enough for all your hard work. Slowly but surely we are getting settled.

We hope you will be able to come for a visit when we have our first barbeque"

- Don & Wendy


"We couldn't have done it without you!"

- Cheri & Mitch

Thanks for Listening

"The whole world's nicer, brighter, too, because of thoughtful people like you!

Karen, thanks for helping us find a house in Plymouth and listening to my pregnant stories."

- Karen & John

The Perfect Team

"I am a first time buyer and I must say Karen and Heather Reeber made home buying a breeze. They held my hand and eased my concerns without hesitation. I asked my mortgage broker for a real estate agent in the Royal Oak area and he said "I have the perfect team for you." He was right. They knew my price range and I was only taken to see the homes within that range and they were right on the button of what I was looking for.

I found the perfect home within two weeks and closed within a month of finding the home. Karen eased me through the bidding process and Heather listened to all of my fears, concerns and stressors and put me at ease. My closing went off without a hitch and with Heather sitting by my side, I felt assured that things would go smoothly. I could not be more pleased with my new little "dream home" and owe it all to Team Reeber. Go Team!


- Jennifer L. G.

Very Happy With New Home

"Just wanted to let you know - we are very Happy with our new home!! And thanks to you and Heather for helping us get it.

Thanks again for always being supportive to us in every way."

- Louie & Opal

We Appreciate All You Have Done

"Thank you for helping us find a home. We appreciate all that you have done."

- Jason & Kristin

We Bought & Sold in Record Time

"Just a quick note of thanks for all your hard work getting our house sold and finding us a new one. People comment to us all the time about doing this in record time! Know that we truly appreciate you!""

- Dave & Andi

We Know Who to Call When We Move!

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help and patience. It has always been such a pleasure working with you - and I know we can make that a challenge sometimes. Keep us up to date on your address etc., so we know who to call when we move in 2-3 years.

Thanks again!"

- Brooke & Brian

We Move In Today!

"Things are going well. We move in today. We really appreciate all that you did to make this happen!"

- Mike & Jennifer

We Were Lucky To Have You!

"Karen and Heather,
Thank you SO much for all your help with our house hunting. We sure couldn't have found the house of our dreams without you. We were lucky to have you and make some really terrific friends in the process.

Thanks again"

- Mark & Lindsay

We'll Continue to Recommend

"George and I sent you our family because you helped us and we knew you would help them. Thank you again."

- George & Barb

You Are the Greatest!

"I think of you often and we share fond memories of our house hunting with your help. You are the greatest! Everything is going along beautifully.

We are happy in this condo. I am secretary of our Association so can really learn what goes on.

"Heather is a sweetheart and so are you. Thanks for remembering us and sending us cards."

- Lee & Teddi

You made it FUN

"Thank you for all of your help with finding us our beautiful home! You made the home buying process quite a bit less stressful than it could have been, not to mention you making it - dare we say it? - FUN?!? Who knew?! Really, we can't thank you enough and will be singing your praises to our friends and family!"

- Tyson & Jenn

You've Been Great!

"We are shocked (and happy) with how many people you have gotten in to see the house. Great job!!"

- Melanie & Rick

Your Work Was Impeccable

"Hi Karen, Heather, and Mike. Thanks for calling to check on me. I am actively in the house knocking down walls and painting and hoping to be settled in by Thanksgiving (that might be too optimistic), but Christmas for sure.

I really enjoyed working with you all. You restored my faith in the real estate professionals. Your work was impeccable."

- Leslie E.